SOLVED: code inspection of modules imported in try/except

Is there some way to get PyCharm to inspect modules which are imported via try/except?

    import sys
except ImportError:
    sys = None

def foo():
    sys.exit() # <-- does not inspect

sys.exit() # <-- inspects

I was reading through another thread which makes mention of using docstrings or some asserts to get the autocompletion to work within the scope of that function/class.  I thought perhaps these ideas could be applied here. If so, I'm not able to figure out how.

I was thinking of something along these lines...
def foo():
    assert isinstance(sys, sys)

Clearly, this doesn't actually work but I hope you get the idea.  Doing this...
isinstance(sys, types.ModuleType)
proves the variable is a module, but doesn't seem to have an affect on Pycharm's inspection (not that I expected it would).

So is there something like this that I can do to get inspection to work when the module has been wrapped in a try/except?

(I'm even willing to hear suggestions in code changes, provided I'm still able to wrap the import in some sort of try/except)
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A coworker pointed out my code sample code works fine in 2.6.2.

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