Full text search vs. prefix search in Go To > Class and Symbol


First of all, you can't begin to understand how much and how long I've waited for an Objective-C IDE from JetBrains. I was using IDEA for Java development ten years ago, when it came out, and I was blown away by the pure AWESOMENESS of it. AppCode is a dream come true for me. Thank you so much! Only problem I have now is to get to know all the keyboard shortcuts to become super productive with AppCode :)

Now, to my feature request, could you please support full text search in Go To > Class and Go To > Symbol. Xcode 4 finally got its act together and started to support matches inside file names in its Open Quicly feature. And now comes AppCode that's stuck in Xcode 3 times where I have to remember the prefix for a class or a method to find it quickly.

Or should I use plain text search for these kinds of searches? The Go To commands just seem so much easier.


Can you not just use * as a wild card as in IDEA?
My mac's at home so I can't check this, but I'd imagine I'd have noticed if it didn't work the same way...


You are correct. *Number will find any class with Number somewhere in the name.

There are also some nice shortcuts using camelcase. For instance 'nsNF' will find you NSNumberFormatter and some related classes.
Also note that I didn't have to bother to type the prefix in uppercase.


Oh, okay, that's great. At least it's possible. I still wish I didn't have to type even the asterisk, but it's acceptable :)

Thanks for the help!


As for me Xcode way is much more comfortable in this case. Is it a problem to implement such feature ?
Method search already can find a method from any symbol in name...


We are considering this feature, please follow and vote for http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-1471.


I've read and voted for it, but it is not exactly what i was looking for. Feature you specified is about prefixes, but i have to type that asterisk later to find my class. for ex.

How about to type nametable and get only APREFIXVeryLongNameForClassTableViewController as a result ?
Method described in your feature means smth like *name*table even if prefixes are defined.

it is not about NT for CamelHumps, you know what i mean ...


Actually I don't )
Can you show the specific examples of the class names and the queries you would like to use?


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