Application crashes in Simulator, and on iPad, when launched from AppCode 1.5. Works fine in AppCode 1.0.4, and in XCode 4.3.1.

Hi guys,

We're four coders on our project, and two of us prefer AppCode.  We upgraded to AppCode 1.5 with excitement.  However, we find that our application crashes more often, and in ways that cause our development to grind to a halt, when launched in AppCode 1.5.  However, our code works fine when launched from AppCode 1.0.4, and from XCode (4.2 and 4.3.1).  We're developing a proprietary product for our client, so unfortunately I can't post our code.

However, I am very willing to work with folks from AppCode to track down (by posting log files, verifying settings, etc) where the problem is coming from, or if you are encountering other problems like this, and know of a solution, I would love to hear so that we can start using AppCode 1.5.

Kevin Trowbridge

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Hi! Can you attach your crash-dump or something? Is it happening when you debug or simply run the app?


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