nosetests --failed


When running unit tests using Nose, I'd like to use command line options like --failed or --with-id. The helper script seems not to forward the parameters correctly to nosetests when I enter them in the Params input field.

I can circumvent the problem by running nosetests --failed as a regular Python process, but then I lose the test GUI. Is there a better way, or is this a bug in PyCharm?

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We do not support the --failed option directly, but our test runners have the Rerun Failed Tests action that has is almost the same effect as --failed. It's available via an icon on the left side of the test runner pane.

You can run a single test via the context menu for a test function.
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A bit of clarification: Rerun Failed Tests is a new feature of PyCharm 2.7; it's not available in the current release.

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