PyCharm doesn't pick up the system's default JDK?


I'm running OS X 10.8.2. I have the following JDKs listed in Utilities/Java in this order:
  • Oracle 1.7.0_07 (64 bit)
  • Apple (64 bit)
  • Apple (32 bit)

java -version in terminal yields "1.7.0_07". Applets on webpages run in "1.7.0_07" as well. PyCharm's about window shows it's running on "".

Why isn't it running on system's default JDK and how do I change it to do that? Thanks.
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The Oracle JDK 7 requires a completely different application packaging and launcher compared to Apple JDK 6. The current version of PyCharm is only compatible with JDK 6, and we are not aware of any advantages that would be gained from running it on the currently available versions of JDK 7 for Mac. We plan to move to JDK 7 in a future version of PyCharm.
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Got it, thanks

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