AppCode trying to use invalid iPhone SDK (can't run/debug anymore)

Yesterday I upgraded both XCode and AppCode to their latest versions.
Now I'm having issues trying to run/debug any of my apps via AppCode.

When I click to start the debugging or run I get the following output:

/Applications/ 5.0 debug 1 /private/var/folders/mn/7jph75h527n__2v2z8tqp0000000gn/T/___115842307884574021out /private/var/folders/mn/7jph75h527n__2v2z8tqp0000000gn/T/___7381029718500161694err /var/folders/mn/7jph75h527n__2v2z8tqp0000000gn/T/IPhoneSimulatorProcessHandler3568338730705577155env /Users/arin/Library/Caches/appCode10/DerivedData/ballish-3fcfaff8/Build/Products/Debug-iphonesimulator/
Cannot find iPhone SDK 5.0.

Makes sense since I now have the 5.1 SDK.
How do I get AppCode to try to run using the 5.1 SDK?

In my run dialog I dont even see 5.1 as an option:
Its not there in the defaults either.

How do I add an iPhone 5.1 simulator as a destination?
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I should note: everything's fine using XCode.
AppCode seems to have gone mad

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Does the 'Destination' combobox in Xcode list 5.1 simulator?
Could you please show the screenshot of it?

Please also attach AppCode log file (Help->Reveal Log in Finder)

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here's the combo box in xcode:

idea log attached

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it looks like AppCode uses the old Xcode installed in '/Developer' folder (I guess the correct one is installed in /Applications/
There is some issue with this installation that we will investigate.

To fix the issue, please run 'sudo xcode-select -switch /Applications/' (correct the path if necessary).

Let us know if it helps.

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oh, great catch!
didnt realize the Xcode's location moved with 4.3

that 100% worked,. thanks buddy


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