Anyone else seeing import statement being randomly added by AppCode

I'm still using 1.04 with XCode 4.2 and the following import statement is being added randomly to the files I work with:

#import <c++/v1/type_traits>

This breaks the build. It just started to happen and I haven't nailed down when it happens.


I've seen this happen as I try to declare a variable named "data". Sometimes AppCode suggests importing that header. When I cancel the suggestion, AppCode goes ahead and does it anyway.

I think I remember it happening with a variable named "control", as well.

It happens infrequently; I just tried to replicate it and I couldn't.


Thanks, that's it. The variable I'm using is called type, appears to happen when its out of scope.  Sometimes AppCode doesn't even bother to prompt me to put the import statement in, its just does it.


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