Using AppCode with PhoneGap

Is it possible to use AppCode with a PhoneGap app? As far as I can tell, everything works OK, but I'm unable to see the contents of my project's "www" directory. From the PhoneGap Getting Started Guide:

  • Next step is IMPORTANT! Drag the www folder into Xcode 4. You can't just drag the www folder into your app's folder. It needs to be dragged into Xcode 4!! In my case I would drag it and drop it on HiWorld shown below.
  • After you drag, you should see a prompt with a few options. Make sure to selectCreate folder references for any added folders. Click Finish

I've done this and it works in Xcode, but not in AppCode. AppCode briefly shows an arrow next to "www" (like it can be expanded) and then removes it.

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this is a bug in AppCode, please follow


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