Find strings that haven't been localized

I'm about to localize my app for the first time. I went through my source code and localized all the strings that appear in the user interface, but I've since made changes. I want to now see a list of all strings in the app that aren't wrapped in NSLocalizedString (so I can ensure that these are only SQL strings and other things that don't need to be localized).

Can I do this in AppCode?


So far there's no such inspection in AppCode. Please create the ticket in the tracker if you need it. I can advise you to search for for the @" token (will find all string literals), switch on the search preview and filter out the localized literals.




Is it possible for third parties to write plugins for AppCode? It seems like this would be pretty straightforward with access to the parse tree.


Unfortunately at this time most of the Appcode API is closed. However, you can write the plugins using the IDEA public API, check


I think "genstrings" command is a good way to collect untranslated string in project.
I've made a python script to do that : )


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