AppCode with Xcode 4.3 beta2


Is it possible to use AppCode with Xcode 4.3 beta2? I get the following error message at startup: "Xcode not found in '/Applications/'"
I have removed the previos version of Xcode (4.2).



Same problem here; have posted a bug report. As a consequence, I'm having to rely on Xcode. Having used AppCode full-time for a couple of months, using Xcode again feels like coding on stone with a hammer and chisel. May have to uninstall the beta.


Here's a workaround that seems to have done the job for me: re-install 4.2 (either by redownloading or just run the 'Install Xcode' app if you still have it around). The installer's bright enough to move the beta to /Developer-4.3, putting 4.2 in /Developer. Now you can just run xcode-select /Developer-4.3, and AppCode will happily run with the beta.

It seems AppCode makes assumptions about file locations that aren't met by the new install process for the beta, but re-running the old installer puts things back in their expected places.


Thanks for reporting,
will be fixed ASAP.


I am seeing this problem with 1.0.4 and Xcode 4.3 beta 3. Was it fixed in 1.0.4?



Yes, it has been already fixed.
Please make sure that system path for xcode is correctly set (see AppCode->Settings->Xcode for details).


Thanks Anton,
I changed it in the plist and the problem is now gone. I believe this happened after upgrading to 1.0.4 and I suspect the install changed the path, because AppCode worked fine before. My copy of Xcode is installed in the default /Developer/... location.

It would be nice if we could change the path in future versions in the Settings dialog instead of plist.


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