Receiving many "ComponentSetup for component (plugin) already registered" errors?

Upon launching AppCode (1.0.3), I receive a stream of "ComponentSetup for component (plugin) already registered" messages for a number of plugins I've installed.  I installed them using the "Plugin Manager", and they seemed to install without problems, but the next time I launched AppCode, I received the stream of errors.  Has anyone else seen this as well, and if so, do you know how to resolve the problem (other than by disabling the plugins)?

The following plugins apparently suffer from this issue in my installation:

  • BashSupport
  • Code Outline 2
  • eSnippet Pro plugin
  • Extended Code Sense
  • Favorite Folders
  • Key promoter
  • Native Neighborhood
  • Scratch
  • TabSwitch
  • XmlSearchAndReplace

Can anyone see anything these plugins might have in common, which would explain why they're misbehaving, yet the others installed the same way (or installed by default) are behaving fine?

I sent the log with the error to one of the plugin developers, and he suggested it appeared those plugins were somehow installed twice.  However, I'm not sure how that occurred, nor how to fix it (or for that matter, where the second instance of the plugins might be located).  I'll be happy if the problem can be resolved by something as simple as removing the second installation of the offending plugins, but still don't understand why the Plugin Manager allowed such a situation in the first place.  

At this point, I'm happy to try any (reasonable) ideas to fix the situation, just let me know what to try?  I'd like to avoid a complete uninstall/reinstall if at all possible, but if that's what it takes to get my install working again with these plugins, I'll do it.


-John W.

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same problem!

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We are aware of this problem and it has already been fixed, please follow

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for it. The fix will be available in the next bugfix update.


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