Problems setting up remote python interpreter

The Configure Remote Python Interpreter connects to the server okay and I've entered the paths to the remote interpreter various ways but the dialog OK button never enables.

The red ! goes away but the OK button does not enable.

Any ideas? Are symlinks not accepted?
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I guess Pycharm on my iMac inside the firewall was tired yesterday. This morning PC on my Air is working through vpn and it gives messages about problems.

The first problem is the bash environment variable used to manage the path to python is not expanded by Pycharm: $ACSROOT/bin

Is there a way to expand it in pycharm?

The second problem is the expanded path points to a bash script which points through another bash variable to the python executable but pycharm does not accept the path which is a link.

Pycharm does work when I provide the absolute path to the same directory but this will require I revise the interpreter path near daily.

And third problem:

I setup a pycharm remote interpreter with helpers for the "system" python which is 2.4.3. I need to setup an interpreter and helpers for the project python which is 2.6.5. Soon I will add python 3.3 to my account. Should these helpers go in separate directories? PC doesn't seem to manage this.
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1. No, it's not currently possible to expand environment variables in the path.
2. What exactly do you mean by "does not accept"? PyCharm doesn't care whether you point it to a real Python binary or a shell script, as long as the script handles all command line arguments that Python itself handles (–version in particular).
3. PyCharm has a single version of the helpers which is compatible with all Python versions. There is no need to put helpers in separate directories when you work with multiple Python versions.
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When I cd to $ACSROOT/bin and enter ./python python starts.

When I expand $ACSROOT/bin and paste the results into the Pycharm for the remote interpreter path this message dialog  appears:
Cant' Add Python SDK
Interpreter '/... ' doesn't exist on remote server

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