Some unwise keyboard shortcuts on Linux

So over time, I've had to reassign a number of PyCharm's shortcuts. These are in the default Linux install, but conflict with a lot of Linux desktop shortcuts.

  • Alt+F2 shows an HTML file in the browser. In Gnome, KDE, XFCE, and every other desktop environment I've heard of, alt+f2 shows a "run" dialog in Linux. Think of like a shortcut to Start -> Run Command in Windows or Quicksilver on the Mac. That's Alt+F2 in Linux.
  • Ctrl+F1. Usually ctrl function keys in Linux change the virtual desktop.
  • Ctrl+W, in every other app I've used, closes the current window, though this doesn't conflict with anything.
  • Shift+F10 usually shows the context menu in Linux.
  • Ctrl+F8, in KDE anyhow, shows a preview of all your windows on all your desktops.
  • Alt+F1 activities the app launcher.

That's just a sampling. Unfortunately, Linux has some fragmentation in that Gnome and KDE don't have the same set of keybindings, but a few of these – especially Alt+F2, are universal and still used in PyCharm locally. :O
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Thanks for your feedback! I've filed an issue for this problem:

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