Disable vertical line indicating suggested line length limit?

In the python editor there is a vertical line at 120 columns, presumably to indicate a suggested maximum line length. (The line seems to be at different positions for at least some other file types.)

I would like to make this line disappear but have yet to find a method of doing so. I would appreciate information from anyone who can advise me.

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Settings | Editor | Colors and Fonts | General, select "Right margin", uncheck the checkbox for "Foreground".
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Many thanks!
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In PyCharm 2017 this has moved, but can still be done by:

Editor > Color Scheme > General. Then in the new control to the right, open Editor > Guides > Hard wrap guide, and uncheck the checkbox for "Foreground".

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Pycharm 2018

Goto File > Code Style > Hard Wrap at "120".

Change value: 120 to 200 or more.

Click Apply.

There you go.

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tools, preferences, editor, uncheck 'show vertical line after' 'x' characters.


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