Can't find a way to build Xcode schemes from appcode

My team has a fairly complex project structure. We have an iphone and an ipad product that share a lot of common functionality that we wanted to pull out into discrete libraries. To accomplish this we created a bunch of new projects, each project containing a functional piece of our software (e.g. a parsing project, a server connection project, a business analytics project, etc). We also have an ipad project and an iphone project. All of these projects are bundled under the same workspace.

To build everything, we generated a set of Xcode build schemes to define the order that we wanted our projects built, to ensure that all the dependencies we have are met. These schemes are what we select to build in Xcode.

In appcode, I can't seem to find a way to access these schemes. We do a command line build of everything to integrate with our continuous development system, so even if there's no direct support for this case currently, if there was a place where I could edit the build command manually that would work too.

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Currently AppCode doesn't support schemes; it relies on xcodebuild to built explicit target dependencies and also AppCode builds implicit dependencies by itself.
Please create a request for this feature.

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Thanks, John,
we'll try to come up with a solution.
Meanwhile you can try configuring the project dependencies with 'Target/Framework' dependencies in Xcode. Such configuration should be compiled by AppCode.


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