How do I change the <<PROJECTNAME>>?


When I create a new Xcode Project (Application / Command Line Tool / Standard device family), in the Project view, under Documentation I see something called <<PROJECTNAME>>.1 and under Products I see something called <<PROJECTNAME>> and both of them are displayed in red. This is confusing because I did provide a "Product Name" during project creation. Is this a bug or can I fix this somehow? I can't figure out how to edit these. See attached screenshot.



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I just submitted an issue for this:
hope this will be fixed soon ...

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Thanks for filing the bug, Koen. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or expected behavior, which is why I asked in the forum first. I'm a bit disappointed that there's been no developer response to the post, and yet 1.0 has launched and it's turned out that this is a bug. There aren't that many new forum posts each day!


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