Beta2 freezes often

It frozen probably 4 times out of 10 directly after starting and loading project (sometimes with Tip of Day visible). Then it froze also after commit, or once while starting Debuger (still checking/compiling project). My total usage of this version has been less than 3 hours. Previous versions froze ocassionally (once every couple of days), so it does not seem to be problem of my HW.

Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?


I have also often seen freezes - both in Beta1 and Beta2

I have not experienced it so much during startup, however very much during the everyday use.

Today all of a sudden it freezed during a search.

Everytime it freezes and I kill the process I submit a crash report to JetBrains, but I am unsure if this crash report is of any use.


It's freezing for me, as well.  And pegging my CPU at the same time.  Makes it completely unusable.  :(


Those crash reports go to Apple unfortunately. And I doubt they'll do anything to those reports. On the bright side though, AppCode is capable of profiling itself. Whenever it freezes it writes samples to ~/Library/Logs/appcode10. Would you please zip that folder and create issue in YouTrack or mail to


Found log files in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/

I will also mail them to you.

Kind regards,


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