When binding Alt-F to move caret to next word, strange special character is inserted in OS X

Any time I try to map a key binding with alt that has a special character, it is inserted in addition to applying the binding. This is a deal-breaker for me.


This is how it's designed to work on Macs. Check out any other text editor.


This is true, by default, but I have a key bindings file that changes this behavior. I made a ticket for this:


For me I had it working just fine. Then I changed key mapping to a stock one, and back, and it no longer works. Thing is this DID work. I've attached (right now) the key bindings file I use to make this work:


When I open for example TextEdit, using Option-f moves forward one word, just like you'd expect from those key bindings. The weird thing is, this definitely did work as expected in AppCode (and, mind you, IntelliJ IDEA) so I'm not sure why it stopped working.


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