XCode 4 key bindings/command key short cuts

One of the critical things when I was using resharper with visual studio c# was that there were preloaded keybinding sets so you could use all the familiar key bindings.

Does AppCode have an XCode 4 keybinding set?  It probably would be a good idea for it to ship with one.
I know them in XCode, they are usually more Mac like than the current ones, and i'm going to be switching back and forth a lot.  

Has anyone made one for themselves?

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I am trying to add the most basic XCode4 key map - Control Command D.  (goto definition/implementation)

AppCode doesn't seem to want me to do this.  Control D and Command D it accepts, but not Control Command D.

hmm.  not option D either.  What gives?

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ah.  control-command-d is a system wide command key for looking up a word in the dictionary.  Even setting a shortcut for it in the keyboard control panel doesn't change this command key.  So AppCode isn't seeing the combination.

although XCode gets around it somehow.

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There is now an XCode keymap in Beta 2(!!!) so marking this as answered.

Note that there are some issues with the keymap, which i've been updating here: (not sure if this is the right way to do it.



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