method completion using '.' not working in 108.1201

One of my favourite features of AppCode is the unification of method and property completion using the '.' character. In the latest build this seems to be messed up where the '.' will bring up the expected completions, but won't format the invocation into a proper obj-c method call. This is such a nasty problem that I decided to see if this was a new configuration issue or something before creating a new ticket.

Anyone else seeing this and is there a config or workaround? This is killing me.


Yes, I have the same problem - and it is making the 108.1201 kind of useless to me. Guess I need to fall back to the previous version, or hope for a quick fix?
Btw, I am using it with xCode 4.2 - not sure if the problem is related to that?


For what it's worth, I noticed that this bug seems to only affect methods that have no arguments, like "NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter" won't expand to a proper method call, but "self.performSelector<TAB>" will.


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