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I started using AppCode yesterday and it looks great so far.

In IntelliJ, I am used to several keyboard shortcuts, including command + Y (remove the line at cursor), command + N (find class) and command + shift + N (find file). In AppCode, none of these keyboard shortcuts work or do what I expect. Is this intended behavior? If so, how do I change the keyboard shortcuts to be closer to IntelliJ?


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AppCode comes with 2 keyboard schemes bundled.
To use the "classic" IntelliJ IDEA keymap just switch to "IntelliJ IDEA" keymap in IDE Settings | Keymap section.

Hope it helps,

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The problem on OS/X is that the normal IntelliJ keystrokes conflict with system-wide conventions. That gets very confusing and frustrating very quickly as muscle memory from system usage will start to cause you problems.

OS/X apps tend to be very consistent in keystroke conventions, so command + N will open a new window in virtually every application. If you spend most of your time in Windows and just use OS/X to do development and nothing else, the traditional keymap will work for you. If you've switched to OS/X completely, I highly recommend switching to the OS/X keymap and taking the initial hit.


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