support for whitesmiths style

Do you think its likely that you will be able to fully support whitesmiths indention style when appCode is finished? I've seen a lot of things that I really like about it so far and this would just be one more piece that would make the deal that much sweeter.

In case you're not familiar with it here is a link to what I'm referring to. Most people consider it ugly at first but trust me it grows on you. I absolutely hated it the first 3-4 weeks I was exposed to it.


What do yo mean by "fully support" and why the current settings are not enough for this (see Code Style->Objective-C->Wrapping and Braces->Braces Placement)?


I guess I wasn't able to get it to work completely with the given configurations.

Personally I would enjoy it a lot more if I could just go into the settings and choose a Whitesmiths indents setting and have it just work. Its fine to have all the fiddly settings but having some good presets would really go a long ways.

The other issue with the way it is now is that the settings don't mean much to me and the example on the right doesn't seem to change so I can't learn what they mean either. whats the difference between next line, next line shifted and  next line, each shifted.


Actually some of the later ones do show what those settings mean so that was good. Although it wouldn't allow an indent setting of 0.


There was a bug with settings preview and saving (
The fix will be available in the next eap.


Do you know if there will be any presets for things like this?

Will the indent value be able to be 0?


For indent value = 0 , please create a youtrack request - there is clearly a bug.
For the presets, I would also suggest creating a request.


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