For VCS I need to use Mercurial and CVS and differently between sub projects

For my work I want to use Mercurial but company uses CVS. In any case I cannot use company CVS for tracking some subprojects.

Does PyCharm support two VCS's?

I had to move all of my projects under a single project so across-project references would work in PyCharm. Can I implement different VCS strategies for each subproject?
Yes, you can configure a different VCS for different directories under Settings | Version Control.
Maybe I don't understand what is happening. When I go to Preferences > Version Control and add a directory the directory selector beeps when clicked and when I type in the desired directory PC appears to present a proposed project for CSV but still shows the project as the local source. I need to furnish the existing CVS project and several child directories of the project.

I don't see where to give the actual remote CVS project and when I returned to try to find the field I got a grey screen with a directory selector but clicking anywhere beeps. Rebooting PCharm.
Better after PyCharm reboot. I found where the CVS root is to be configured so will try this.
Under CVS Root configure PC reports connection was successful but when I add PC reports cannot find CVSROOT for file
I'm guessing I must completely restructure the local PyC project to match the structure of the CVS project. Is that right? I don't see a way to indicate the structure in the repository.

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