Visual cue when a file has unsaved changes?

I searched and couldn't find a related question.  

Is there any way to determine if a file has been modified since the last save?  Usually in text editors, the save button is disabled if there are no changes to be save.  I haven't found a similar visual cue in PyCharm but I'm hoping that I'm just not finding it.
Why do you need it? PyCharm always saves changes to all files automatically, so there is no benefit in indicating the unsaved status of a file.
I disabled the auto-save feature.  IMO, it is dangerous to auto-save a file.  I know there are some preventative measures in PyCharm but I still prefer to manually decide when a file should or should not be saved.
There is no way to disable the auto-save feature. Even if you turn off autosave by timer, PyCharm will always save all files when running an external process or when closing.
thanks for the clarifications Dmitry!
So the "save" button in PyCharm is there only for a particular case when autosave is off, but even then, the save is just delayed and not off. Did I get it right?
It would be nice to have have a clue that the file was saved again as it was edited, e.g. to avoid the accidental edits like middle-click pastes from the touchpad

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