Pycharm 2.7 PEP8 inspection doesn't run on OSX

I've upgraded to 2.7 release from the EAP version and the PEP8 inspection doesn't seem to work (as in, no errors get highlighted). This is on OSX 10.8 on a Macbook Pro. I've tried creating a simple new project to rule out any project specific issues but it doesn't work at all.

Is there something special that needs to be done to get PEP8 to work? Is there any way to check why it wouldn't work?


Make sure that PEP 8 coding style inspection is enabled in Preferences|Inspections for your current inspection profile.

What Python interpreter are you using for your project?
It is enabled. I'm using the Anaconda environment from It should be a regular python 2.7 interpreter.

I can perhaps try the default python distribution installed on the system? I just don't know what could cause it to not work at all. Is PyCharm using the python module? If yes, is it possible to see some logs of its behavior?
Yes, it's You can try to run it using your interpreter from the console.

You can find error logs using "Help|Reveal Log in..."
Thanks for the info Andrey! I'll try it tonight when I get back home from work.
I have the same problem.
PEP8 is enabled but does nothing.
I've checked the logs, but there is nothing about pep8 in logs also (No errors, nothing).
Please file a bug report in PyCharm issue tracker with the following details: is the inspection enabled, what's your Python project interpreter, OS version, PyCharm version?

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