PyCharm editor would not open

I am using PyCharm v2.7 build 125.57. I just witnessed a strange problem I have never seen before. The problem was that PyCharm's editor window would not open. Everything else worked. Tabs would even appear above the Project Window for whatever python file I had double clicked in the Project window. I could even run the file and see the expected output in the Console. But no tab appeared above where the editor window normally shows up. Also missing was the 'No Files Are Opened' message which normally appears where the editor window would be if no files are open.

There are a couple of features I never used before prior to a couple of days ago, which may or may not be a factor here. Specifically, I began using CMD+MouseWheel to zoom in and out. And I switched the appearance from Default to Darcula.

Also, the problem appeared when I started up PyCharm after shutting it down with no editor windows open which is something I rarely do.

Shutting down PyCharm and restarting it did not help. What did restore normal operation was to change the appearance from Darcula back to Default, after which PyCharm does a restart.

So far, I have not been able to recreate the problem, even though I have changed the appearance back to Darcula and closed all windows before doing a restart.
File | Invalidate Caches can usually fix such problems.
I had a repeat of the problem again today before I read your response, again resolving it by temporarily switching the appearance from Darcula back to Default. I will try Invalidate Caches next time.

I am a bit concerned that this has happened twice in less than 24 hours, yet never happened once in over a year when I was using the Default appearance. Time will tell if others see this now that Darcula is available [as of v2.7, right?].

Darcula is so much easier  on the eyes [especially compared to how difficult it was to see the warning flags in the right border of the editor when using the Default appearance], that I intend to keep using Darcula now that I know how to recover rather quickly. I have become anal about eliminating all warnings, even though most do not prevent code from running, since I realized PyCharm's code inspection is so good at nudging you into becoming a better [i.e., PEP8 compliant] pythonista. Excellent IDE, the best I have used so far.
A week and a half ago I Invalidated Caches, instead of temporarily switching the Appearance back to Default, and have not had the problem anymore.

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