"Device is not ready"

I'm using AppCode for iPhone development.

For a while, I was able to run my apps directly on the device without any issues, but now I get a red "Device is not Ready" popup in the bottom left. I don't know why.

I have to use Xcode to get the app onto the phone and/or debug on the device. But again, it used to work fine.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I don't remember making any changes that could have caused this. Configuration attached.

error message.png

This message appears if device is busy by another debug session. Please ensure you stopped all debug session. Does everything work after appcode restart?
Please attach logs(~/Library/Logs/appcode10/...).



As far as I know, I have no open debug sessions. Restarting AppCode doesn't help - restarting my whole machine does, however. I've tried killing the AMDService process after closing AppCode, but to no avail.

After updating to the latest version, this seems to happen a lot less frequently. If it happens again, I'll include my log. It's at least sporadic now, rather than constant.


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