How do you delete a project from the "Find in Path" -> Scope -> Project dropdown?

I used to have a project called MyProject. I deleted it by deleting the directory it was in (~/MyProject). However, PyCharm keeps recreating ~/MyProject/.idea/MyProject.iml. This seems to happen only when I use the "Find in Path" dialog. Interestingly, MyProject is still in the Project dropdown in the Scope area of the dialog. I cannot seem to find a way to get rid of it. I'm not sure that the two issues are related, but it sure feels like they are.

So, 1) how do I get rid of the MyProject entry in the Scope dropdown and 2) how do I stop PyCharm from recreating the folder?

I'm using PyCharm 2.6.3 on Mountain Lion.

Thanks in advance!
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OK, thanks to JetBrain's fast response, I found the problem. Inside .idea/modules.xml for the new project I was working on, I had a reference to the old project. Deleting that line and restarting PyCharm fixed the issue.

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