PyCharm cannot access Proxy

I have a script which uses urllib2.urlopen(). Running it outside of Pycharm is successful, running it inside Pycharm gives "urllib2.HTTPError: HTTP Error 407: Proxy Authentication Required". I've configured the Http proxy correctly in PyCharm's settings too.

What else do I need to configure?
Thanks a lot.
How do you set up the proxy authentication? PyCharm's settings affect only network connections initiated by PyCharm itself, not by your code run from PyCharm.
I've set up proxy authentication via the environment variables and via /etc/environment. 'export http_proxy="http://user:pass@ip:port/' and same for https_proxy.

Again, if I run the script via 'python' from the terminal, it works flawlessly...
PyCharm is normally not started from the shell and therefore does not see the environment variables defined in /etc/environment. The easiest thing you can do is set up these environment variables in the PyCharm run configuration settings.

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