Issues when changing code in subprojects

Hey guys,

First of all, I absolutely love AppCode, like all the other tools you guys make that I use (Resharper and Rubymine)! Great job so far, can't wait to be able to purchase it!

I'm having issues working on projects with subprojects. Everything works well when I change code in the main application project, but when I change code in a subprojects:

- most of the time I have to do a clean before being able to build the project and run. AppCode doesn't figure out that the subprojects need to be rebuilt automatically
- sometimes doing a Clean doesn't work. I'm not exactly sure why, but even though the clean process and the build process are succesful, once the simulator opens it still shows me the old version of the app. When I do this, and run in debug mode, the debugger even stops in lines of code that don't exist anymore or were commented out, kind of proving that the sim is still running an old build.

When opening a workspace with two projects in it, it seems like AppCode can't really figure out the dependencies between the project. Sometimes it simply doesn't build the projects at all. Changing the target project to first the library project and then the application project in the proper sequence causes it to build and run the app correctly.

I'm not 100% how much AppCode should/will do regarding the issues above, and that's why I haven't opened a bug. Maybe you guys could elaborate on how projects like this will work?


Eduardo Scoz

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we are working on this issue at the moment, please watch


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