Objective-C++ Support?


I was wondering if AppCode will support Objective-C++ / C++ ? It's very common in iOS/OS X game development to use C++ and Objective-C++, so support for .mm or .cpp files would be great.


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Yes, we plan to release the initial version of C++ support in the next EAP.

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How is this coming along? anything in the nightlies? I'm so glad you guys are doing this - I was sick to the teeth when I got xcode 4. It feels like I'm looking for an m&m inside someone's skull, with scisors ducktaped to my fingers.

Your IDE is infinitely better - thanks!

but! How can I get an mm file into my project, beyond doing it in xcode? I've tried creating one - nope.. I've tried refactoring nope, I've tried dragging it in from finder. nope..

I'm making a box2d game with cocos2d, that means ALL of my files have to be .mm..

it's the only road block I've hit with your otherwise marvelous IDE.

To clarify - I don't want, nor need c++ support, just the ability to add files to my project.

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You can create the file, name it with .mm extension and add it to the project (context menu | add | ...).


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