new nasty outo-unfolding while commenting stuff out

Hi Guys,

its pretty weirding me out that since the last version (2.7) PyCharm has the nasty habit to unfold all code and jumping across the screen as soon as i use the "comment with line comment" feature.
This was not the case in 2.6 - and and i dont think that PyCharm does this on purpose. :)

I also checked my shortcuts and saw that the layout overview is not showing the correct shortcuts as in the context menu. (see the screen)
My comment line feature is mapped to meta+4.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-02-28 um 13.28.07.png

Please fix this!
This has been fixed; the fix will be included in PyCharm 2.7.1.
nice - hope its eta is not too far from now! :P
wow, that was fast - just got the notification from pyCharm that 2.7.1 is available

BUT .. what can i say .. the problem still exists :(
i hope there is another update scheduled that really fixes this nasty bug! ;/

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