No context specified for this run configuration. Huh? Mystery error message.

When attempting to run a project (freshly cloned out from mercurial) I get:

Error running default
No context specified for this run configuration
Please, set up context provider.

What's a context provider?  I mean, usually use Wikipedia for that, but that's probably not the right answer.
What kind of configuration did you create? This message can only be displayed by the Query Language Console run configuration, which is not something that you use for running a project.
I did not create any sort of configuration (note the name "default").  I just imported the project and pressed Run.
What kind of project was that? Normally, when you open a new project that does not use Django or App Engine, no run configuration is created, and the Run button is disabled until you set up a run configuration.
It is a Django project created outside of pycharm.  I solved the problem by creating a configuration, and poof it just works.  This appears to be a bug in that Pycharm could simply have said "you need to create a configuration" rather than the more obtuse message above.

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