Switching between projects...


I have a very basic question about AppCode...

I have two projects open (= to AppCode windows), and both are maximized to fill the entire screen, thus one is completely blocking the view of the other.

How do I switch between the two windows? (besides using the rarely documented Cmd+` keyboard shortcut, which is not placed very handy on my Danish keyboard).

I would expect to be able to select a window to put in the foreground from somewhere in the (rather cluttered) Window menu (this seems to be default behavior in OSX).


This bothers me as well, and I've reported it as OC-601

This is closed as a duplicate of one of several related platform issues.
On one of those issues, Bas Leijdekkers links to his plugin WindowDressing which at least lists the open projects in the Window menu.

I haven't tried it in either AppCode or IDEA, but I plan to do so soon.


Sounds like a possible workaround, but this is definately something that (I think) should be prioritized - it's a big step towards a platform compliance that is vital to many hardcore Mac users, and it seems like a minor thing to implement...


Try dropping the attached jar file in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/appCode10 and have a look at the Window menu.

It's an updated version of the WindowDressing plugin I mentioned earlier. It now supports AppCode and has Next/Previous Window commands with command key shortcuts.

I've asked the original author about getting this update onto the plugin repository so that it's easy to find for everybody.


Bas has now made the updated version of WindowDressing available from the standard plugin repository, so you can now add this functionality to your installation by going to Preferences -> Plugins and installing the WindowDressing plugin.


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