Autosave limitations and possible issues

Hi there,

I know that many have discussed about this topic. However, I still have some questions concerning it.

1. It is very possible to open files outside of the open project (i.e. other txt, xml files). You can also edit them by mistake, close their tab and lose the track of changes (suppose they are not under version control).
  • How can I get their local history?
  • Is there a way to access the full history as logged for all external files? The only way I could find is to open it (first to remember it), right click on tab and open the local history?

2. It happened that I opened the module, changed it by mistake, and lost track of the edit. I was testing different characteristics of the editor ... Anyway, this is a another example on how it can do harm sometimes.

  • Is any way to protect external files, outside of the current project, of being auto-saved?
  • Again, is it a way to see the global local history.
  • Besides recently changed files, is there any other safe mechanism of tracking the changed files?

Thanks for time,
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At the moment there is no way to see the local history for all the files that have ever been changed. We don't see many practical scenarios where this would be important, so we don't have any near-term plans to implement it. However, it can be implemented within the existing model, so it's not out of question that this will be implemented later. Of course, you can access the local history of every specific file or directory (for example, if you often edit files outside of a project, you can add the directory containing the files as a content root to the project, and then it will be easy to access the local history for all of the files).

We plan to make it more difficult to accidentally modify library files (such as files in the Python standard library).
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Thank you for answers.

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