PyCharm 2.7 shuts down unexpectedly and restarts itself

I am experiencing this issue once every other day. Is there any way to stop this from happening?
Which OS are you using? Could you please attach the log file (Help | Reveal Logs)?
Hi, which files should I be looking at? I went to Help|Reveal Log in Explorer (Windows). The latest file is one named "Idea". Is this the one?
If you're using Windows, there should be a number of native crash logs (hs_err*.log) in the "bin" subdirectory of the PyCharm installation directory. Could you please attach those if you can find them?

If not, idea.log is the second best log to look at.
Hi, I can't seem to find those specified files (hs_err*.log). But I attach the idea.log file if this is of any help.
idea.log (148KB)

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