printf statements don't appear in console until Run complete

The previous developer used printf instead of NSLog in a number of places. Gives nice clean output when you don't care about time / date stamping etc. Under Xcode I see all the printf output during the program run but when using AppCode I only see the printf output after I full program run is complete. Would it be possible to have that output show up during actual program run?


Are you runnig your app on device?


No, I am running it through the simulator. My app requires a password to login so typing on the device is a hassle, I tend to only do that a few times a day and run the simulator (iOS 4.3) for most of my run / debug sessions


I'd tend to build in something to hardcode a test login/password for debug builds only, using some #ifdef preprocessor magic...


I have done that in the past but I have a couple of other issues:

#1 People stop by from time to time for a build - don't want my name / password in there as hardcoded, don't want to have to remember to remove special define each time
#2 App makes heavy use of SQLite - easy to drop tables, look at tables, alter tables in the simulator via FireFix SQLite Manager extension. Close to impossible to do on a device.
#3 Simulator runs a ton faster than device which is nice when working with SQLite
#4 App really does have a lot of typing, not just password, as this is a charge capture entry form for doctors, meaning I have to type a lot all day long, a doctor will enter maybe3 4 cases a day, I might do that per debugging session

Simulator wins for now although I try to run on the device at least a few times a week to make sure all is well


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