2.7.1 smart indent pasted lines small oddity

First, let me say THANK YOU for fixing smart indent pasted lines in conjunction with using tabs. I can move blocks of code around now without realigning the indents!  

However, I'm noticing a small artifact that I'm wondering if it is a minor bug or something I'm overlooking in my settings.

Highlight and copy lines 5 & 6.

Place cursor at end of line 11 (after the tabs) and paste.

As you can see a blank line is placed between the two-line block pasted and the next. Clearly not the end of the world, but a minor inconvenience nonetheless.

Being QA, I couldn't stop there. So I tried a couple variations:

Copy lines 5 & 6.

Place cursor at end of line 11 and paste. However, this time there is nothing below the block.  This is the last line in the file.

Notice the extra tabs at the end of line 12.

For clarity, I'm including my settings. I tried Reformat set to None, and that didn't seem to have any affect.
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I finally got around to trying a fresh install (2.7.3) on a new computer and wanted to report that this is the only issue I still see.  (I had some other formatting problems which I've associated to a configuration problem after several updates from 1.x – all have been cleared up)

Still not a big deal having a few extra tabs after pasting, but a minor bug nonetheless.

Something of note:  The number of tabs which appear after the pasted code directly correlates with how far indented the cursor was when pasting.

So if I am 3 tabs indented, there will be 3 extra tabs after my pasted code and so on...
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I got to thinking on my drive home yesterday about tabs vs spaces...

I confirmed that using spaces instead of tabs makes no difference in this issue.  The amount of space added to the pasted block is still proportional to the amount of space indented.

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