Syntax checking in 2.7


Since the upgrade to 2.7, PyCharm appears to be getting confused with syntax checking. I keep getting lots of errors flagged (the red wavy thing) which are in fact not errors at all. Programs run just fine. The only way to get rid of them is to restart PyCharm after which they sometimes return. It's quite annoying. I did not have these issues with the previous release...

PyCharm: 2.7.1
Env: OS X 10.8.2
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Please try to use File | Invalidate Caches and restart PyCharm.
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Ok, thanks for your effort to reply. It's becoming increasingly annoying as I can no longer distinguish between bogus errors and actual errors. On a bad day I find myself restarting too many times.

I have two remaining questions:

  • Will this be patched any time soon, say within two weeks??
  • If not, can I downgrade to PyCharm 2.6; that version was flawless for me.
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This is not a new problem; it existed for some users in all previous versions of PyCharm. We are not aware of its root cause and therefore cannot give any commitment as to the fix date. For most of the users, using Invalidate Caches once solves the problem for good.

PyCharm 2.6 is still available for download, and you're welcome to use it if it works better for you.

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