PyCharm fonts don't respect system DPI


Linux Mint 14, MATE.

The problem is seems PyCharm doesn't respect system DPI settings. Or it may be Java-related, I'm not sure. So all fonts are too small. Also when I hover PyCharm window mouse cursor gets smaller than it should be.

Is there a way to make PyCharm respect sysem DPI?

Thank you.
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I'm having a similar problem on a new HP Spectre laptop; it has high resolution on relatively small screen so the system font is set up to be 250% normal.  This works fine for most apps, but several aspects of PyCharm become unreadable. The project view is completely worthless, as the project items are not only tiny, but also overlapping one another. The menus also look overlapped and too small.

I have tried messing around with the system fonts in various ways to no avail. PyChram itself only lets you set the editor font, apparently.


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