move Class to parent group

Dragging a class file to a parent group does not work.  This was happening when the parent group was not a real folder and the file location was actually supposed to be the same before and after.

You recieve the option to overwrite or skip the file; both of these options do nothing in relation to changing the group the file is in.

Group 1
Group 1\Group 2
Group 1\Group 2\Group 3
Group 1\Group 2\Group 3\FileToMove.h
Group 1\Group 2\Group 3\FileToMove.m

if I drag the two files to Group 2 it will not work.

The physical locaiton of the file is not supposed to change.  Maybe it should be an option for it to change the physical location as well.

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Createn an issue OC-888. Nick, thank you for the feedback, please use the tracker for the issues.

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Hey Alexander, no worries, I will add them to the tracker in future.


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