Can I change the project/version control root

I have a project Structure as follows


In a traditional IntelliJ IDEA project I would be able to set ProjectRootDir as the root of my project and have modules for each of the seperate subdirectories, as well as set the version control root to be ProjectRootDir.

Currently it seems the version control root is restricted to the xcodeproj directory.  Is this a restriction?  If not how do I change it?

If it is a restriction it is a minor nuesance for sub projects, meaning you can make changes to the files in the sub project but you cannot see those changes or commit them.  You can work around this by opening the sub project.

What I can't simply work around though is the lack of any interaction with the SomeOtherRandomsStuff content under the project root.

I could do the restructure the project or add a regular IDEA project at the root.

The best resolution for this would seem to be the ability to set the project root and or add some general non XCode module for the root content.

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