Remote debugger breakpoints trigger only once

When adding a debug breakpoint it triggers perfectly fine the first time it's reached. However, once using "Resume program execution" to continue that breakpoint does not trigger again.
Disabling and re-enabling the breakpoint fixes it but of course that's kind of annoying and might not work in some cases (such as a breakpoint inside a loop).

To be sure it's not related to something with my application (such as threads), I tested it using this code (inside my application though):

    for x in range(3):
        print "meow %d" % x

The breakpoint was on the 2nd line and triggered only during the first iteration
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Hi Adrian, I can't reproduce this problem. Could you please an issue for that at and provide there more details about your configuration: OS, Python version, PyCharm version and exact steps to reproduce. Also please add PYCHARM_DEBUG=True environment variable to your run configuration and provide console output.
Also, can you reproduce it in the new project created from the scratch?
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Thanks a lot! Seems like a symlinks problem at the first glance.
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Yes, works fine without the symlink.
I don't think symlinks should be dereferenced in this case though.

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