Subproject support?

First of all its great to see my favorite IDE getting in the ObjC game. It's hard to believe the sub-par IDE Apple devs have put up with for all these years. Just a simple thing like Find Usages... isn't even there. I also find it hard to believe Apple won't have some kind of wrench to throw in the works to keep people from flocking to AppCode.

I've only worked in ObjC for under a year, but pretty much every project I've been on has at least one compiled sub-project as a dependency. I'm not sure if this is typical for iOS projects or ObjC projects in general. So at this point AppCode is a bit of a novelty since it can't load the sub-project. I still use it but I'm one of the few non-fanboys in the crew.

I assume Subproject is in the pipeline?

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This is fixed. The fix will be published in the next EAP tomorrow. You will be able to add the linked projects from AppCode (context menu | "add linked project"). There is a quick fix that adds the include path to ${USER_HEADER_SEARCH_PATHS}.


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