"#pragma mark" in the Structure window


This is an idea that may have already been discussed.
It'd be very usefull if there was an option to list the methods in the Structure pane grouped by the #pragma mark instructions used in the code.

For example, given the code below:

#pragma mark -
#pragma mark UITableViewDataSource


#pragma mark -
#pragma mark UIView

When I activate the pragma option in the Structure pane, I'd like to see the UITableViewDataSource methods that I implemented between two #pragma marks under a section called UITableViewDataSource, followed by another section called UIView containing some other methods.

Is there any plans to incorporate #pragma marks in the Structure pane?

Please watch (and vote :) ) http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/OC-316


I never realized how nice this feature was until I built an app in XCode.  XCode isn't even a good IDE, but it has two features that really worked well with my brain (i like spatial reasoning). 

- Having file structure as the rightmost field in the nav bar, and having "pragma mark" separators in it. 

- Great support for multiple small editor windows floating on screen.  You can do this with IDEA but it's quirky.


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