Install PyCharm on Ubuntu 13.04


I want to add PyCharm to Ubuntu 13.04 launcher.

If I run PyCharm and then lock it to the launcher, it then doesn't work.
If I use the "add desktop entries" action from PyCharm it does nothing.

Can anyone give me some help please?

Thanks :)
Hi Carlos,
please review this thread:

If you are facing the same problem and does the thread mentioned make sense?
Hi Dmitry.

I've tried the steps from Roman Shevchenko, but nothing. PyCharm does not create the desktop entry.
I also tried the step from Marc R and added the JAVA_HOME manually on the file, but nothing.
When I lock PyCharm to the Ubuntu Launcher and then click it, it blinks some times but does not open.

I'm using PyCharm 2.7.2 and Oracle JRE 7 Build 21.
My JAVA_HOME is in "/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle"

Well it is really Ubuntu window manager problem. Not Java, PyCharm or something else. If you are able to run PYcharm from terminal then it must be able to run it through launcher. That means that Ubuntu launchers are not so clear and sucks eventually.  It is known since unity came into Ubuntu.
There is great topic on it here:
i'd suggest you to try tweak tool method described in comments. Tweak tool worked for me.
Please let me know if you managed to do that?

btw, method 2 is good as well. It works for gnome classic. And as you can see guys managed to create launcher for the PHPstorm. PHPstorm works the same as PyCharm in this case.

do not forget to try "/bin/sh" as launcher command... thus your pycharm instance will be started by default shell, not launcher itself.
Hi Dmitry.
I managed to create a fully working launcher shortcut by creating a .desktop file in Ubuntu 13.04.
This is my script:

[Desktop Entry]

Thanks for the help :)
Perfect! Thank you for sharing your config! =)
Are you using Unity or Gnome?

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