[Suggestion] Improve PyCharm Linux Setup

A product with the quality of PyCharm deserves a proper setup to match it's quality.
Windows users have a setup file and Linux users (that might be significant) have to decompress a file and do it all manually.

Why not distribute PyCharm in deb\rpm packages?
Or better, why not provide a PPA to easily distribute PyCharm to Ubuntu (and similar) users?

Keep the good work.
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Hi Carlos,

Thank you for this suggestion!
Well, in case of Windows or Mac we have established systems.
While linux is so diverse... There is so many distributions, several package management systems,
few distributions even might have no PMS at all... We don't want to stick to any specific linux distribution like Ubuntu, Fedora or something. PyCharm is available for linux means it works even on Gentoo.
So, untaring is common way of providing software for linux... PyCharm doesn't require any installation at all...
Just untar, run .sh and if you want some linux desktop/menu entry you can do it within PyCharms menus.

Do you agree with my explanation? Do you feel it difficult or annoying?
Anyway, your feedback is much appreciated! Thank you!

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