How to sort lexicographically selected lines?

How to sort lexicographically selected lines? I couldn't find it anywhere (I was looking in the context menu, in all main menus, in the help, using the 'Find Action' feature, in the Settings->Plugins->Install JetBrains plugin...
There is no such feature in the current version of PyCharm, but there are some third-party plugins that support it.
Thanks! Are you planning to make it a builtin feature?
Also, after installing 'Lines Sorter' plugin from no sort entry was added to the 'Edit' menu...
Apparently, this plugin has been fixed... works here without problems.

But I also would like to vote for a built-in solution with more features like ascending/descending and option to specify the column to sort on.

After I restarted PyCharm the entry is now present in the Edit menu.

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