Very interested in appCode...

As a fan of Intellij with an interest in iPhone/iPad programming, I use xCode and am frustrated at how hard it is to do certain things. xCode needs some competition.

It will be hard but I think JetBrains can do it.

So far it looks very slick.


I totally agree with you - after using IntelliJ for several years and then looking into switch to developing iPhone apps, the biggest obstacle for me was Xcode - not learing the Objective-C language, not learning the frameworks, but simply getting used to the sub-standard IDE that Xcode was (and still is).

Call me old-fashioned, but an IDE that does not have keyboard shortcuts for everything you need to do while you're *coding*, is simply failing at it's most important task, which is assisting me in writing efficient code - fast! I only have two hands, so having to move one hand to the mouse every time I want to open a file, switch to another open file, apply intention suggestions, fix warnings etc., is *not* very handy.

I am looking forward to following the rise of a new star on the IDE sky, and I hopefully I will also be able to contribute with some useful input along the way.

My wishes: A simple editor for .plist files, a fancy editor for .xib files, and finally something to complete the toolchain, so I don't have to go back to Xcode to build, sign and upload apps.

Go JetBrains!


I am also just voicing my excitement for this product.  I've been an IntelliJ IDEA user for, getting on close to, a decade (whenever 2.0 came out, so perhaps 8-9 years).  I have gotten so use to the interface, shortcuts, quirks etc. that getting up and running on technologies with the tools I am use to will be so nice.  I had finally gotten somewhat use to XCode 3, then 4 came out and I was lost again.  This will be a cool product, I can see it.  There have been many things missing in XCode that are available in other JetBrains products that I am sure will end up in this one (like the simple "implement method" action isn't even in XCode, AFAIK, why this has been astounds me).

Anyway, looking forward to testing this out on the way to release date!  

Remember, XCode is only $5.  Heh, just a little humor.



I agree. Coming from Java (and .NET) development, it is obvious how there's a lack of an IDE ecosystem. I humourously liken Xcode to beings living without predators. Without environmental pressures there isn't much evolution going on. I humbly think that Mac development had been pretty much a closed ecosystem until iOS development attracted developers from various backgrounds. Trying to get used to Xcode after IntelliJ is all you need to notice these rather big differences in productivity.

Will we ever be able to ditch Xcode? I'm afraid not but I sincerely hope so.

Thanks again to JetBrains for putting the effort to bring their know-how to iOS development.
Keep up the good work!


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