How do I run django in PyCharm?

I find a lot of documentation on testing django apps – for programs using django.
My situation is different – I am programming in django (specifically, building a new database backend) so I need to be debugging django internals.

I have the source for django pulled in to a Pycharm project using git.

What is the best practice?  Should I just ignore the special django support options in PyCharm and treat my project as a simple Python program?

I am trying to run the standard django test suite as documented in


Running the tests requires a Django settings module that defines the databases to use. To make it easy to get started, Django provides a sample settings module that uses the SQLite database. To run the tests with this sample settings module, cd into the Django tests/ directory and run:

./ –settings=test_sqlite

I want to run the equivalent of that command (but with debugger turned on) and am lost among all of the options available in the project setup.

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